Welcome to the Particle Measurement & Technology Laboratory (PMTL) led by Yang Wang at the University of Miami. At PMTL, we conduct particle measurement, particle synthesis and develop particle characterization techniques for environmental and energy applications. 

Our research focuses on understanding the nanoparticle “Structure-Property-Impact” relationship to apply aerosol science and technology to energy and environmental applications. These research projects are enabled or assisted by the real-time characterization of particles in the sub-micron and sub-nanometer range, an important frontier in aerosol science and technology. Novel techniques are being deployed in our lab, to study the incipient particle formation with a high size resolution, to examine the evolution of transient particles with a high time resolution, and to conduct air quality monitoring with a stronger network. More details of these projects can be found on the Research tab.



PMTL is looking for motivated postdocs, PhD, MS and undergraduate students to join the group. Researchers and students with backgrounds in environmental engineering, atmospheric science, and mechanical engineering, with interests in aerosol, air quality, combustion, and material synthesis, can feel free to contact Yang (yangwang@miami.edu) for further details.